Window Replacement


*Price includes removal of existing double hung window, disposal of, and installation and trimming out exterior of new double hung unit. (Minimum 5 window installation required.)

  • Any Size...Same Price!
  • White or Tan....Same Price!
  • Half Screen or Full Screen...Same Price!
  • Grilles between the Glass or No Grilles....Same Price!

We know that the last thing you want to do with your valuable time, besides having a root canal, is to sit through a 3 hour sales presentation at your kitchen table for replacement windows. We also understand the irrationality and lack of salesmanship it takes for a salesperson to stand on their window, set a blow torch to the glass, or throw baseballs at it, because...chances are, you are never going to stand on your window once they are installed, set a torch to it, or intentionally throw spherical objects at it.

repWin 001 repWin 002

We understand you just want a product that will save you on your energy bill, block the drafts you might be suffering from, and have it last longer than salesperson's tailights as he drives away from your three hour excursion from hell. You would think that would be a simple task for a contractor to offer, wouldn't you?

Well, Home Energy Solutions of the Triad has stepped up to the plate to offer you the best window for the money, with the best savings possible...and it won't cost you and arm and a leg! In fact, you won't even need to sit through a sales presentation to buy it! That's right! We have taken all of the painful buying process away, and the choice is yours.

Just call us today and we will schedule your window measurement and get you on the schedule. It is that simple!!!

1 window = $389.00
2 window = $778.00
3 windows = $1167.00
4 windows = $1556.00
(You Get the Picture!)

Well, here we are to tell you...aside from a few differences in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer, a vinyl window is a vinyl window, is a vinyl window. And since honesty is our best, and only policy, replacement windows will not be the end all, be all to energy savings in your home, but they will help in most instances.

That is why we at Home Energy Solutions of the Triad have taken the pain away from the buying process and now offer you a direct way

repWin 003

Edgemont Replacement Windows