Radiant Barrier

While radiant barrier is a very effective product with the possibility of a great amount of energy savings attached, it is not for everyone. As we have discussed previously, not all products or services are beneficial to every home, and radiant barrier is no different, regardless of what the average home improvement contractor tells you. In the correct scenario, though, our product can be a great benefit and homeowners can see a large bit of savings in their energy bill and increase in comfort levels.

The first line of defense in reducing energy loss through your attic should always be a proper level of fiberglass blow-in insulation. In the Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point market, that level is R-38.

There are three different types of heat flow: conductive, convective, and radiant. Fiberglass only covers conductive and convective current; it does nothing for radiant heat flow. That is where a radiant barrier, properly installed comes in.

Here in North Carolina where our summers can often reach triple digits in temperature and attics, in turn heat up to upwards of 140-160 degrees in the worst cases, fiberglass can only provide so much benefit to keeping your home cool in the summer.

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