Air Sealing


Air leakage, or infiltration/exfiltration, occurs when outside air enters or exits a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings in the thermal envelope of your home. In most common cases, this leakage is most prevalent in your unconditioned attic, crawlspace, or basement...leading to stale and musty air entering the home and creating poor air quality levels in the home.

Common Areas of Air Leakage:

  • Electrical/Plumbing/Gas Penetrations
    (including flues)
  • HVAC Chases
  • Foundation Rim Band
  • Bathtub Penetrations
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Windows/Doors
  • Cabinet Soffits
  • Attic Hatch Pulldowns
  • Fireplaces
  • Top Wall Plates
  • Floor Plank (Historic Homes)
  • Drop Ceilings


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The Home Energy Solution

Sealing the building envelope or "shell" of your home is often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Home Energy Solutions of the Triad is a BPI Certified contractor trained in the art of identifying and sealing air leaks throughout the home in order to stop uncontrollable and uncomfortable drafts. We utilize specialized diagnostic tools such as infrared imagery and blower door technology as necessary to locate air infiltration that has a direct effect on your heating and cooling system and how long it cycles.

We live by the "Open Window Concept" based on the ideal that several small drafts can allow the equivalent amount of air into a home as an open window. In the middle of a cold winter, an open window would be immediately closed to preserve heat, cut heating costs and improve the comfort of residents. Why wouldn't you consider closing the gaps of uncontrolled air infiltration that could equate to the same air infiltration of several open windows? The answer is simple- air sealing is as equally important as insulating a house and can often serve as the largest return on initial homeowner investment.

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