Interior Storm Window Inserts

When implementing energy upgrades to your historic home, efforts should be concentrated on improvements that not only provide the quickest payback on your investment, but also those that least compromise the historic character of the home. Considering this, replacing windows is not usually the most cost-effective investment. There are options available that drastically reduce the upfront cost and, in turn, quicken the payback on your investment exponentially.

Windows contribute a great deal to the look of your home and are integral parts of your home's architectural history. They are often made from high-quality wood that is no longer available, likely old-growth wood, which is much denser, more rot and warp-resistant and more apt to hold paint better than their more modern counterparts. In most cases, if a component is damaged it can be repaired or replaced without having to replace the entire window. With this said, unfortunately, these historic gems are often the first elements homeowners look to change when trying to improve their home's energy efficiency. In contrast, the decision to retain the historic integrity of your historic wood windows needn't get in the way of improving the efficiency of your home.

Comparison Tests:

  • Custom Paint Finish to Match Interior Casing
  • Quality Materials + Professional Installation = Savings!
  • Sealing One of the Largest Air Leaks in a Home
  • Virtually Invisible…Which One of the Windows has ClimateSeal?