Historic Neighborhood Outreach

iStock 000002572194XSmallWhile we enjoy working every day to make your home as energy-efficient as possible, we understand the impending challenges our country faces with skyrocketing energy costs and scarce natural resources. We at Home Energy Solutions of the Triad are doing our part to make sure each home in the Triad's historic community is more energy-efficient and providing for the best in comfort and air quality. While we are perfectly willing to accomplish this one house at a time, we would prefer to meet our goals much quicker by creating awareness community-wide.

We have partnered with Preservation Greensboro, Inc. and Preserve Historic Forsyth to help create this needed awareness in the Triad area. We are currently working closely with several historic neighborhoods in the area to help them create a customized and comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program for their particular neighborhood. We understand that every neighborhood is different, whether it be in the level of participation of the community's homeowners during neighborhood activities, collective goals association management from a historic perspective, or even the architectural style of the homes prevalent in each neighborhood.

Home Energy Solutions of the Triad is partnering with residents in selected historic neighborhoods throughout Triad to promote home energy upgrades in concentrated housing areas. This residential energy efficiency program focuses on an area where homes have similar construction, features and age—allowing homeowners to benefit from the most cost-effective upgrade packages we provide.

Some services we offer each neighborhood include:

  • Free Certified Home Energy Analysis for every homeowner in a particular neighborhood.
  • Energy-efficiency seminars to educate homeowners on what they can do themselves to make their home energy efficient.
  • Educational workshops to hone in on educating homeowners on energy issues prevalent to each neighborhood.
  • Participants enjoy the added value of money-saving package deals with their neighbors.
  • Company sponsorship of neighborhood festivities, get-togethers, cook-outs, etc.


Home Energy Solutions of the Triad, LLC is A Proud Member of:

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Contact us today for more information on how we can begin a neighborhood-wide energy efficiency program in your community.