Historic Preservation

A historic home has features unlike a home built today. With that said, the solutions used to solve energy and comfort issues are much more complex. Only Home Energy Solutions of the Triad knows how to provide the proper safe prescription for a home with its architectural features and character. Call us today for your free home energy analysis.

historicSolutions pic001Historic homes are often more energy-efficient than their more modern-day counterparts if properly maintained. They were constructed using differing techniques than newer construction and often included a number of energy-efficient features such as:

  • Thick masonry walls
  • Operable windows and shutters
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Light-reflecting paint colors
  • Porches or awnings to provide shade


Historic homes have many inherent sustainable qualities. Before the middle of the Twentieth Century, homes were not equipped with the mechanized options offered by modern-day HVAC systems, because they didn't exist. Instead several passive or non-mechanized features were implemented to meet the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs of the home.

iStock 000016341606XSmallHere in the warm climate of North Carolina, houses had their own distinct differences from those in other regions of the country. Some of these southern distinctions included:

  • Vents and shutters were installed to allow air to circulate while minimizing heat gain from the sun.
  • Light paint colors were frequently used on exterior walls to reflect the sun's heat from entering the home.
  • Chimneys were built on the outside walls to help minimize heating the interior of the home.
  • High ceilings were common to allow hot air to rise while transoms over windows allowed for additional air circulation.
  • Exterior balconies, wide roof overhangs and porches were built to help minimize heat gain from the sun's rays.


iStock 000001881236XSmallIn addition to these passive and manual features, there are several modern improvements that can be made to your home to help reduce your home's overall operating expenses. Hiring a certified home performance contractor who understands the intrinsic value of historic architecture and its original intent can end up making a huge impact on reducing these costs while enhancing your home's overall comfort level and air quality. Home Energy Solutions of the Triad is the only home performance contractor in North Carolina who fully specializes in reducing your energy costs while keeping with the architectural integrity of your home.

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