Home Energy Solutions was punctual and very professional in their dealings with me.  They explained step by step the process of applying new insulation to our attic. They did the job in a highly skilled manner and were efficient in the clean-up afterwards. I would call on them again for any energy solution concerns that may arise.

- J. Deitz
Greensboro, NC

Nothing but positive things to say about these guys, from the first estimate visit throughout the work being performed. Everyone was polite and professional. Everything was explained in detail and recommended some issues not be addressed, due to the time it would take to recover the cost. Honesty and integrity goes a long way with this 18 year veteran of the Police Department, and I would recommend these guys to anyone.

M. McDonald
Winston-Salem, NC

Fantastic!! This company went above and beyond all expectations. John was wonderful as well as all of his employees. We had our basement weatherproofed... Walls, floors, ductwork etc. We were so impressed we had them do our attic. They insulated and sealed areas we would have never thought of. We would highly recommend this company.

D. Allison
Greensboro, NC

All the work was done on time and to very high standards.  The guys cleaned up and were professional.  The owner, John, was great to work with and was always responsive and got everything done to our satisfaction.  Our attic used to be unbearable, now it's comfortable even on the hottest days!  Overall very satisfied and would call on him again in a heartbeat.

A. Allen
Greensboro, NC

We could tell an immediate difference from the standpoint of the rooms that they worked in.  They are warmer.  He was in the attic and basement.  We could definitely tell a difference in the attic.  He has given me several good references for other jobs as well.

R. Frazier
Greensboro, NC

Totally professional every step of the way and excellent work quality.  
I don't know but it is possible the same work could have been done at less cost if I shopped out each of the four projects separately.  But then I would have had to invest many hours letting multiple contractors into our home to get estimates and then managed 4 different projects spread out over multiple weeks with 4 different bosses to deal with if there were problems.  Instead, John managed everything and got it done quickly and efficiently with effectively no problems.  My wife and I are extremely busy so this made the cost a very good value for us.  
There was a bonus in that we were able to take advantage of a 12-months same as cash program.  There's no way this could have happened going with more contractors.
Also, we live in NW Winston Salem (Pfafftown) which is quite a drive from Greensboro.  John was always on site when we needed him to be and on time every time - same for his work crew.  
We are planning to bring Home Energy Solutions back for a project to seal and insulate the garage wall shared with our family room and the garage ceiling which is the floor of a couple bedrooms

D. Monfore
Pfafftown, NC

Dear Home Energy Solutions of the Triad, Last year in late February of 2010, Nan and I hire you/Home Energy Solutions for an energy audit. The audit showed areas of our home that could use better weatherization and some added insulation. You indicated the improvements would help on our gas and energy use. I have the results from last Dec & January verses this past Dec and January. Keep in mind that we also took your advice on better management of the thermostat during the day and night, along with some other energy saving tips.

Well, here are the figures. I must say, we are very pleased and glad we took your advice.

December 2009 December 2012
Therms 215 Therms 220 (used 5 more therms)
Days 35 Days 35
Avg. Temp 42 Avg. Temp 37 (5 degrees colder)
Amount $283.60 Amount: $236.40 (Savings of $47.20)
*Note: 2009 was 5 degrees colder than 2010 and we saved 16.64% in December alone.


January 2012 January 2011
Therms 271 Therms 234 (used 37 less therms)
Days 30 Days 32 (2 more days)
Avg. Temp 37 Avg. Temp 36 (1 degree colder)
Amount: $354.24 Amount: $250.65 (Savings of $103.59)
*Note: Jan 2012 had two less days and was 1 degree coler and we saved 29.24% in January.

Our home will be 4 years old in April and we heat slightly over 4,200 square feet. We set the thermostat at 65 degrees at night around 10:00 PM and turn it up to 68/69 degrees in the morning around 7:00 AM. We also use our gas fireplace in the morning to take the chill out of the air.

After seeing the savings we feel the work Home Energy Solutions did was certainly worth it.

- K. Kerchner (Oak Ridge, NC) 

Good day Home Energy Solutions of the Triad,
"I just want to say, WOW!!!! What a difference your work has done to our home and the power bill. We were not expecting to see that change so soon. When my wife and I got our last utility bill it reflected about $150.00 difference, in just one month!!! :-) I know that my return on investment will be sooner rather than later. But all I can tell you is that we are already seeing a HUGE difference in the comfort of our home. I would recommend Home Energy Solutions of the Triad again and again.

The comfort level of our home now, shall I say, is very comfortable. Your team is top notch and very professional, when we had concerns or questions you answered them and shot straight with us. That in itself was a huge benefit. I look forward to doing business with Home Energy Solutions in the future. Thanks so much for all that your team did as we are 100% satisfied and thrilled.".

- K. MacArthur (Greensboro, NC)

Best company I've ever worked with. The owner, John, was the nicest person I've ever met, and he taught us a lot about insulation and how to save on electricity. (Thank you, John!). The men on his crew were just amazing. Roland, their superintendent, was a great young man to work with and the other two men with him went out of their way to make us feel at ease. I would certainly hire them again and again if I need more help with my home.

John came out to inspect our home and told us what the problem was and what we should do about it. He told us things that we never knew like insulation and ventilation up in the attic. We are very happy with the job done. Our electric bill has come down a lot and things happened like he said they would. Electricity is down and we are just living comfortably now. Thanks again John and crew.

- R. Costalez (Thomasville, NC)

Mr Redmond and I scheduled a meeting at my house for him to walk through and perform an energy audit.  He answered all my questions during the walk through and even explained how to do some of the work myself.

I then received a proposal with the work to be done and the cost for the work.  I then asked a few questions regarding the walk through and what was stated on the proposal.  Mr. Redmond answered all my questions to my satisfaction. 

I then scheduled the work to be performed.  Mr. Redmond explained to me who would be at my home, the work they would be performing, and the length of time it would take each person to perform their work.  Each worker was very courteous to me and answered any all questions that I had for them as well.

I noticed within the day the results of the work performed at my house.  I was not prepared to notice the change in how warm my house was that very evening after the work had been performed.  

As you can see from above I mentioned asking questions quite a lot.  I told Mr. Redmond the first time we met that I would do this, and he was courteous to me and answered every question I asked him to my satisfaction.  I have learned that if I don't ask the question when someone is performing work then that is on me if I don't like the results.

- N. Turner (Greensboro, NC)

I have recommended Home Energy Solutions to my friends. If there's anything else I need along this line, they will be my choice.

- A. Berrier (Winston-Salem, NC)

Great job! Our natural gas bills were cut by 2/3 after the installation was complete!

- J. Yasaki (High Point, NC)

Very helpful and informative... by prioritizing which projects provide the greatest return on the investment, we'll be able to get our home much more efficient almost immediately while leaving some other projects for a later date. The inspectors are well-trained and great on communication and follow-up. Excellent service!!!

- N. Wilson (Greensboro, NC)